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The hippy-go-lucky brand eases us into autumn with natural dyes, crochet and thick fabrics.

Did the third summer of love happen? We’re not really sure – we certainly felt euphoric when nightclubs reopened and festivals sprung back into life – but a new utopia built on a greater collective understanding didn’t exactly materialise. Or, at least, we didn’t notice one when we were back in bed with a vat of rooibos tea.

New plan – let’s call a retroactive rain check and make it the autumn of love. Here to help are STORY mfg. the husband-and-wife team making handcrafted, environmentally-minded garments. Inspired by nature’s beauty, balance and bounties, they’ve become a must-visit for premium, sustainable pieces that feel just at home in the sprawling outdoors as they do for sprawling over the sofa at home.

Their AW21 collection, titled ‘Make Worlds’, returns to championing nature, craft and plants. Process, as usual, is key. Much of the collection is made by hand; the Brew Hat is hand-crocheted using all organic yarn, the Grateful Long Sleeve Tee is manually embroidered and the meticulously intricate Piece Scarf is individually made by partners in India. A special, handwoven ‘spiral fabric’ is used for the floaty Eden Dress and Forager Pants, kitted out with pockets for mushrooms, berries, rocks, fossils or whatever else you might find on your rambles.

All the dyes are, as ever, entirely natural. From Natural Indigo to Butterfly Pea, Jackfruit to Sappan Wood, STORY mfg have once again revived ancient techniques to add deep, rich colour to their pieces. A new range of dresses put the ‘batik’ in ‘beatnik’ via collaborations between tie-dye and batik artisans, creating three-dimensional looking ‘prints’ that are in fact the negative dye of the design. Other co-creations are seen between block printers and illustrators, leading to the blissed-out Portal tee and Nice Trip sweats, adorned with mushrooms, poison frogs, peace signs and petals.

Artisanal clothing has been back on the rise for a while, made popular again by the rich, sustainable stories woven into each piece. Here, Story mfg have spun another yarn, characterised by the symbols of our wild, trippiest dreams and the fabrics we most desire. So, that whole autumn of love, then – who’s in?

The new STORY mfg ‘Make Worlds’ collection is available now here.

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