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by Kyle MacNeill

Urban heating, turned up to max.

The more decadent among us may dismiss diffusion lines with the wave of a mitted hand, seeing them as cheap imitations of the real thing. Granted, they’re less expensive and a little less luxurious, but who’s complaining about wearing exceptionally designed garments for a lower price? The likes of Cheap and Chic, Versus and Miu Miu hold mythical status for us, their names committed to memory when we’re rifling through a vintage designer collection – and in recent years, we’ve had Moncler Genius on the mind too.

Started three years ago to hit a younger generation with funkier, more immediate pieces, it’s become a super exciting subsidiary of luxury skiwear brand Moncler. Going off-piste by featuring a revolving cast of creative directors and designers, it’s able to stay at the cutting-edge, never tied down to rigid seasons. Their newest collection falls under the 2 Moncler 1952 tag, named after the brand’s founding year and headed up by Fendi and Acne Studios alumnus Sergio Zambon.

Inspired by Tokyo, Genius have taken what we’ll coin a Ferrero Rocher approach: they’ve headed past the city’s hard-shelled exterior and what they call its ‘soft centre’, one imbued with a connection to nature. Two cult Tokyo brands – And Wander and Suicoke – have been called up to collaborate on the collection, bringing their outdoors and footwear expertise to the table. The result is a wardrobe that turns Moncler’s staples inside-out, creating comfort-first apparel that works as well inside four walls as it does among the elements.

The ensemble begins in black, with oil-slick puffers made for city-to-countryside adventures in the most relentless of temperatures, quilted to the max ‘cos it’s Moncler, init. Other neutrals see cosy-as black, brown and orange sneakers to take you from alpine to après and all-white pants, plus an earthy pair of sandals. Don’t worry chromaphiles – pops of colour breakthrough into the capsule-like early-morning sunshine, with a vivid orange puffer, martian-green gilet and pink-splattered tee. The hero piece is the Kunitachi jacket, layered with 1952 newspaper print and comic-book graphics, ready to be framed with knitted beanies and socks.

Naturally, the materials are top-tier, seeing premium combinations of nylons, technical organza, cottons and ribbed knits. We’re hyped to hear that much of the collection contains recycled and reclaimed fabrics, a step in the right direction when it comes to plugging the looming environmental avalanche. When ski season hits, we’re going to be embarrassingly ready at the slopes with some of this 2 Moncler 1952 gear, and tbh, we’ll likely sport it like a wearable blanket on the way back too.

The new 2 Moncler 1952 collection is available now here.

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