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School’s almost out, preppy fashion is in.

There’s something properly exciting about the last day of school, that palpable feeling of total freedom and a temptation to, excuse our French, fuck shit up. The French, on that note, have a classic song about it – Sheila’s ‘L’école Est Finie’ – and it’s this irresistibly euphoric phrase that titles the new SS22 collection from Paris-based brand GUNTHER.

Only in its sophomore year, GUNTHER is the brainchild of bold menswear designer Naomi Gunther, focusing on contemporary cuts, chic stylings and evoking a je ne sais quoi via timeless silhouettes. Sustainability is at the heart of the label, realised through its responsibly sourced materials and dedication to producing every piece locally, proudly wearing Made-In-France on its sleeve.

For SS22, GUNTHER have gone back to school (but only for the last day before the holidays), crafting an A+ collection of preppy, clean garments, with textbook attention to detail and preppy, collegiate stylings. USPS-coloured shirts feature fabric loops for chunky pencils; luxe vests copy notes from cricket jumpers; crisp, white trousers are finished with graph paper stripes and subtly rebellious turn-ups.

New patterns feature, including a jacquard pattern monogram NT (lifted from their logo), repeated with the vigour of a student writing out lines. A hand-designed check pattern is debuted, too, for a touch of sartorial flair, while the brand’s lock-up has been redesigned by local school kids armed with colourful crayons.

The accompanying video is top notch, seeing a class of models counting down the minutes to freedom and ready to pour out into the summer air. It takes us back to our own memories of leaving school, ready for a summer of young love, shameless risk-taking and newfound independence. Sadly, though, we were wearing stuffy, starched blazers, ties and skirts from our local uniform shop: not contemporary Parisian luxury fashion. Can’t have it all, eh?

Watch GUNTHER’s SS22 film below now, featuring the new L’école Est Fini collection.

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