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TwoJeys take over London:The Spanish jewellery brand for Gen Z

by Maja Bebber

TwoJeys have proven to be the go to jewellery brand for Spanish Gen-Z shoppers by building a narrative that's creative as much as it's captivating to its online community. Now their aim is to go international with the opening of a store in London.

Founded in 2019 by Joan Margarit and Biel Juste, two enterprising Spanish influencers, the jewelry and lifestyle brand TwoJeys has rapidly carved its niche in the industry. Initially, their products were exclusively available through their website. However, their recent expansion with flagship stores in Barcelona and Madrid marks a significant milestone. The latest addition in London’s dynamic Soho district on 21 Brewery Street underscores their continuous growth, as the duo enthusiastically announced this new location via an Instagram post on November 24th, generating buzz and anticipation among their followers. There’s no place better than Soho in London to showcase those pieces and attract the right audience.

The roots of their entrepreneurial journey trace back three years ago when Joan and Biel went on a transformative road trip from Las Vegas to Palm Springs. This journey served as the genesis of their venture into jewelry crafting. The duo dedicated their Fridays to the meticulous creation of jewelry, laboring at their parents’ desk, engaging in ceaseless brainstorming sessions, and relentlessly refining and reshaping their ideas. This period of intense creativity and commitment laid the foundation for their brand’s ethos.

Their mission was clear and resolute from the outset: to disrupt and reimagine the jewelry industry by focusing on a brand that primarily resonates with men. They observed a void in the market and sought to provide solutions that men often struggle to find elsewhere. This unwavering commitment fueled their relentless pursuit of innovation and became the driving force behind their creative endeavors.

TwoJeys curates a selection of silver and gold jewelry complemented by an eclectic range of clothing items such as hoodies, shirts, belts, bucket hats, and caps, catering to a diverse style spectrum. Notably, their brand has gained recognition in prestigious publications like Numero Netherlands, featuring prominent figures like Jared Leto. The brand encapsulates a unique blend of cool and edgy vibes that resonate deeply with their audience. Moreover, their pricing strategy, ranging from 20 to 60 Euros, is deliberately tailored to resonate with and cater to the preferences of Gen Z, making their products accessible and appealing. Their jewelry has been sold in 120 countries, bringing in over $4 million in revenue in 2022. The company is valued at nearly $22 million.

Their achievements have been acknowledged on a grand scale, as in March, the dynamic duo earned a spot on the coveted Forbes 30 under 30 Europe list—an accolade well-deserved for their remarkable contributions to the industry. Enthusiasts eagerly await the next chapter in the TwoJeys story, anticipating the innovative strides the duo will make as they continue to shape the future of their brand.

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