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by Alex Brzezicka

Stop the everyday hustle and make a change, starting with exploring Unbranded SS22 collection.

Unbranded is here to present us with a new vision of the future, stripped from unnecessary labels and complications. The mission of the brand is simple: to give us the confidence to overthrow others’ expectations and express ourselves at our truest. It all comes down to the celebration of who we are, deep down. Of course, it’s easier to say than do, when, in reality, we’re 24/7 surrounded by flashing lights and glossy images. Luckily, Unbranded comes with a solution, proposing minimalistic excellence.

Founded in Saudi Arabia, the brand launched in 2021, started with a goal to serve any kind of person, no matter age, gender or body type. They champion a fusion of contrasting concepts: comfort and luxury, simplicity and attention to detail. It’s a perfect recipe to create timeless garments, ready to be proved irreplaceable. Though summer is almost over, we find the Unbranded SS22 collection to serve us during all seasons.

It features three series: Yacht, Mesh and Joggers, each letting different versions of ourselves shine. Yacht, starring top and shorts in Earth tones, olive, concrete and taupe, pays tribute to the long sun-ridden days in the urban Safari-like jungles where all you need for an adventure is will and a little bit of courage. Mesh in a more daring colour palette including eye-catching blue, would equid any casual raver wanting to incorporate a bit of streetwear into their Matrix fantasy. Joggers with a matching t-shirt to complete the look are the wardrobe must-haves and a fun twist on the classic silhouettes.

“Unbranded is always guaranteed to make you smile,” the founders say. We cannot argue with the statement, not only because of their joyous logo but everything they’re about. From the promise of striving for conscious production, a manifesto that resonates with our hopes for the future to high-quality products made by and for aware consumers. The journey of unbecoming starts today. Join in.

Check out Unbranded online here now.

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