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Urbanears x NTSthe ultimate headphones for DJs

by Maja Bebber

Urbanears collaborates with NTS for their launch of the Zinken headphones.

Prepare for Urbanears’ most epochal launch yet! Introducing Zinken—a reimagination of headphones tailored precisely for DJs and the dynamic culture they blossom in. Available in three lively colorways—Jet Black, Taxi Yellow, and Salsa Red—Zinken embodies immaculate, sleek design, easily slipping into your bag for on-the-go convenience. Its well-balanced construction delivers loud, clear sound, making it the ultimate gadget in the DJ booth.

“We’re psyched to partner with Urbanears on a story about such an iconic headphone. Zinken has been used by an amazing list of well-known DJs past and present, and we really wanted to highlight this to our global community of music fans.” Says Sean McAuliffe, CEO of NTS.

Zinken doesn’t just promise; it delivers. Wired with a reversible TurnCable, eliminating the need for adapters, it ensures seamless connectivity no matter the gig or records you’re spinning. These versatile headphones boast a robust yet flexible on-ear design, offering both comfort and noise isolation—essential for any DJ. The collapsible reinforced metal hinges ensure durability, whether you’re at the club or navigating daily life. Notably, Zinken is also crafted from recyclable plastic, aligning with sustainability goals. Other noteworthy features the headphones entail are that they deliver premium sound,  and offer a so-called PalPlug which is an extra input/output for sharing music. DJs are able to plug in another pair of headphones and play back-to-back with another DJ. And if your headphone cushions ever wear out after a long time of usage, it is always possible to buy a replacement pair as the cushions are replaceable. With the available control button, tracks are able to be repeated or skipped and you can even answer calls between sessions.

Launching this Wednesday, Urbanears collaborates with the global music platform NTS, spotlighting three prominent DJs and their captivating stories. Featuring Berghain nightclub’s renowned resident DJ Marcel Dettmann, London’s sought-after DJ and radio host Moxie, and the multi-talented NTS resident Fauzia.

Setting Zinken apart is the revolutionary reversible TurnCable, ensuring direct linkage to your mixer with zero latency or connection drop-outs—a game-changer in the industry. What sets Urbanears apart is their commitment to the craft of DJing. Their acoustic team collaborates closely with DJs, including the esteemed German DJ and producer Sven Väth, engaging in a meticulous tuning process that enhances soundstage and separation. The result? A precision-powered audio experience, delivering unparalleled clarity and a perfectly balanced sound profile even in the most loud club environments.

Zinken have been my go-to headphones for years, they’re sturdy, straightforward and have a sleek, minimalist design. What sets them apart is how snug the ear cups fit to block out external noise giving me great balanced sound, perfect for mixing. They are not just a tool, but an indispensable companion in my DJ journey.” says Sven Väth, German DJ and Producer.
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