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by Alex Brzezicka

You’re going to want to cop yourself a pair of these stylishly sustainable eyewear.

Welcome to our brand spanking new series, where we give you all the latest goss on who (or more importantly what) we’ve got a crush on right now…

On the search for perfect-fit sustainable sunglasses, we finally hit a jackpot with Meller’s Dashi. Although we obviously fell for them the first sight, true love set in after getting to know their eco-origins better. Handmade from bio-acetate using natural and renewable resources, they’re a superstar model helping reduce dependence on fossil fuels and CO2 emissions. The Matrix meets 70s retro vibe design is godsent for our future-seeking but peaking into the past generation.

Meller is a young Spanish brand raised on Barcelona’s sun-bathed streets by a bunch of fashion-forward creatives. The exuberant energy of the easy-going city imprinted in their DNA, already boosted by the use of new technologies makes them one of the most exciting choices right now. Famous for their “I Used To Be A Bottle” front-running sunglasses collection, with 60% of the frame made from recycled plastic, they want to expand into new territory. Meller presents the new Dashi line, using upgraded bio-acetate with organic additions.

As we’re already impressed by the material, Meller gets double points for the ever-cool design. They play on the classic, timeless silhouette levelled up with edge-cutting details. No matter if it’s a casual working day or a mad rave ahead of us, Dashi serves it all: versatile perfection.

Shop Meller’s Dashi sunglasses here now…

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