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Weekday x Unifromdenim meets perfume

by Maja Bebber

Denim for wearing and applying: Weekday collaborates with fragrance provider Unifrom.

Weekday and the fragrance manufacturer Unifrom, both rooted in Sweden, have released an innovative collaboration that redefines the boundaries between fashion and scent. Weekday is a streetwear and fashion brand that offers jeans, clothing, accessories and more for men and women. Unifrom is a fragrance house built out of the Swedish high-rises, innovating how to interact with perfume. The scents are conceptualized in Stockholm, developed in Paris, and made in Grasse. This groundbreaking venture, announced by Weekday just this Wednesday, marks the inception of the ‘Tissue Feast’ collection. This distinctive line encompasses an array of meticulously crafted denim pieces to complement and resonate with the exclusive perfume oil christened ‘Indigo.’ This synergy between fabric and fragrance aims to transcend mere materiality, striving instead to forge an intimate connection between the human form and the tactile allure of denim.

Alice Shulman, the Head of Collaboration and Creative initiatives at Weekday, unveiled the essence behind this audacious venture. “The notion of a Weekday perfume that captures the very spirit of youth has captivated us for quite some time. Unifrom embodies an exquisite blend of contemporary artistry and artisanal mastery,” Shulman elaborated. “Our collaborative perfume is a testament to this fusion, a harmonious amalgamation of versatile elements that seamlessly blend a dash of punk attitude with enduring classical elegance. It transcends conventional gender constraints and is perfectly tailored for the art of layering.”

Haisam Mohammed, the visionary founder of Unifrom, echoed this sentiment with his insight into their innovative approach. “Our ethos at Unifrom is to contemporize an ancient craft, reimagining the essence of perfumery. Our collaboration with Weekday represents a radical shift in our interaction with scents,” Mohammed expressed. “We’re not just creating a perfume; we’re crafting an immersive experience that invites individuals to engage with fragrance in a fresh, dynamic manner.”

This collaboration marks a departure from traditional fashion and fragrance alliances, a pioneering step towards a sensory symphony where denim and scent intertwine, inviting individuals to indulge in an experiential journey that transcends the conventional boundaries of fashion and fragrance.

The capsule collection includes three pairs of trousers, three different types of jackets, a skirt, and a fragrance. It will be available from November 30th in the Weekday online shop as well as in selected stores. Prices range from 59 euros for the perfume, 99 euros for a pair of jeans, 89 euros for the skirt, and between 129 and 199 euros for outerwear.

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