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Well good:Levi's® launch sustainable WellThread line

by Lola Christina Alao

Today Levi’s launched the most sustainable pair of jeans yet, comprising of a new breakthrough material made from worn-out denim.

With the new range launching today, Levi’s is making its mark in the world of fashion sustainability, and it’s a development not to miss.

Levi’s ® WellthreadTM (which pushes the boundaries through testing and validating sustainability ideas) and re:newcell (the innovators recycling cotton clothes) are collaborating to bring about some much-needed circularity to the fashion industry.

The product is made from organic cotton and discarded cotton textiles, such as worn-out denim jeans, through a process akin to recycling paper – to create Circulose®. The organic cotton is sourced from Turkey through re: newcell’s recovery system. It is designed in a way that ensures recyclability and each part of the jean is delicately calibrated to allow it to have a second life.

Currently, the fashion industry is the second-highest industry for water consumption, requiring around 700 gallons to produce one cotton shirt and 2,000 gallons of water to produce a pair of jeans. Brands like Levi’s are joining the fight to eliminate the excessive use of water and conventional cotton.

“We want to recycle Levi’s ® jeans in a way that doesn’t diminish their quality. By collaborating with re:newcell, our garment-to-garment recycling takes an important step forward,” says Una Murphy, Levi’s ® Senior Designer for Innovation.

The perfect forward-thinking pair of jeans, it allows for a quintessential, classic look – for fashion lovers who are seeking a more sustainable, circular wardrobe.

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