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by Kyle MacNeill

The Toronto-based jewellery brand transports us to the past with a new crazed collection.

Playgrounds; those were the days, eh? Beyblades, scoubidou bracelets, loom bands, Tamagotchi, all bought with pocket shrapnel on the weekends and traded with stockbroker finesse on the weekdays. Toys were the currency of the playground; now we think less about buying a new playset for our action figures, more about figuring out a place to actually settle down in.

Luckily, though, Toronto-based jewellery brand Vitaly is keeping the nostalgia alive via the Toy Capsule. Inspired by crazes of the past, it sees the brand reimagine the nick-nacks we used to hold so dear via a set of rings, chains and pendants. The first muse is the Spinning Top, latched onto the end of a gold-coloured chain. Adorably, it’s ready to be unclasped and played with when procrastination comes knocking, before being hooked back on when your boss actually comes knocking.

Next, the gun-shaped controller from ‘Duck Hunt’ (us neither, it’s a NES game apparently that sees you, well, hunt ducks) is adapted into a ‘Pew Pew’ necklace, made for layering with nineties clobber and a calculator watch. Two restocks complete the set; first is the beam ring, made with a laser-cut smiley and glitzy, crystal inlays. Second is the Gummy Bear pendant, cutely built to scale. Pair it with the Champagne Jelly from this week’s DROP EVERYTHING and you’ll be as gelatinous as you are gorgeous.

All the pieces are made from stainless steel, meaning that they’ll never rust, tarnish or turn your skin green. Your childhood memories will be safe forever; Vitaly’s jewellery is protected by a lifetime warranty, ensuring that, if you continue to treasure it, it’ll be with you for life. It goes without saying, too, that these are all unisex, and the rings span pretty much every size going – we were all kids one day, after all!

Vitaly’s new Toy Capsule is available here now. Prices range from 75EU to 120EU.

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