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Pure luxury fashion made for sunbathing in the skies.

Whether it’s via diffusion lines, streetwear ranges or high street collabs, fashion houses are often seen attempting to reach us mere mortals with accessible, gateway tastes of luxury. While we’re all in favour of a more economically inclusive fashion world, sometimes it’s a guilty pleasure to indulge in pure, neat, undiluted decadence, even if we’re just consuming it with our eyes. Sure, we can’t afford anything but that monogram keyring, but who cares when it looks this hot?

Enter Casablanca, swaggering through the door every inch the lothario. Founded by designer Charaf Tajer back in 2018, it’s swiftly snaked its way from Insta feeds to runways to exclusive parties, sported by the likes of Lil Nas X, Kendall Jenner and Skepta. Focusing on Hermès-style prints, rakish, almost garish patterns and exceptional fabrics, its squarely aimed at playboys, raconteurs, libertines, dandies and anything else a thesaurus can theorise for ‘wealthy individual’.

First previewed during January’s edition of Paris Fashion Week, the brand’s FW21 collection – titled ‘Grand Prix’ after Tajer’s love of extreme sport – has just started trickling out into stores. The first drop consists of twenty new pieces showcasing the full collection’s simpler, ‘staple’ garments, if staples were made of pure gold instead of zinc-plated copper. Sweats, tees and shorts are comfortable enough for stay-at-home lounge lizards, but elevated enough to wear to the suavest leisure resorts for apres-sport drinks. The Cherub Print recalls Fiorucci, but replaces the cheeky duo with a line drawing of a pensive, ruminating angel.

Hero print ‘The Art of Racing’ is applied to silk scarfs, shirts and quilted jackets, an all-over illustration inspired by Monaco’s alluring racetrack and enviably gorgeous coastline. Elsewhere, a ‘Voyagé Dans Les Nuages’ print features on a small drop of womenswear, seeing a muse sunbathe in the clouds and canvassed on merino wool and cashmere pieces. The final motif to keep an eye on is the ‘Casablanca Shell’, a blue, white, and red print set on silk scrunchies and a twilly (see, Hermès!)

With dozens more pieces to come from the ‘Grand Prix’ collection, it’s just a first trial lap around the track. Already for us, though, it’s a total winner, an unrestrained, unadulterated imagining of La Dolce Vita, whisking you away to the azure blue waters of Monaco and the rich, vivid hues of Morocco. Forget the keyrings – save up for a single piece from here and feel a million dollars, honey.

The first drop of Casablanca’s ‘Grand Prix’ collection is live now, here.

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