Wrangler announces
Foam Dyed Denim Collection

Indigood is Wrangler's response to climate change and a global focus on water and energy conservation.

From H&M to Adidas, many fashion brands have, throughout the years, improved their sustainability policies. Recently, these brands have also started recycling a variety of waste materials and use them in different ways.

Water use and wastewater are some of the biggest sustainability challenges in denim manufacturing. From cotton production through finishing, one pair of jeans can use hundreds of gallons of water. Despite incremental changes toward comfort and sustainability, over the past 150 years, the denim industry has had just a handful of groundbreaking innovations.

American brand Wrangler has recently launched its first ever foam dyed denim as part of the brand’s ICONS AW19 Collection. The company is working with denim mills in Asia and North America to bring this technology to a larger scale. Indigood is Wrangler’s response to climate change and a global focus on water and energy conservation with this new, cutting-edge technology for the most sustainable way for dyeing denim.

Through every piece of clothing made, Wrangler continues to explore new ways to care for the land, its partners and workers in its supply chain, as well as its neighbours across the world. The brand is committed to become fully powered by 100% renewable energy by 2025, conserve 5.5 billion liters of water at its owned and operated facilities by 2020, remove 100% of unwanted chemistry from the supply chain by 2020 and source 100% sustainable cotton by 2025.

This commitment was shown by a number of initiatives. In 2017, the brand launched the Wrangler Science and Conservation program to encourage U.S. cotton growers to use best practices for soil health and land stewardship. Furthermore, the Wrangler Rooted Collection celebrates its commitment to sustainably-grown cotton and currently features five state-specific pairs of jeans made of sustainable cotton directly traceable to a family farm in that state.

Driven to continually find new and improved ways to make its products, between 2007 and 2017, Wrangler saved three billion liters of water at its owned and operated facilities and it has been working with suppliers to help them track and measure impacts and ultimately
improve their performance.

Since the invention of synthetic dyes in 1897, which allowed for indigo-dyed fabrics like denim to become mainstream fashion and workwear, no innovation has truly revolutionized the industry, until now.

Wrangler’s ICONS F/W ’19 collection, made from foam-dyed denim, won’t just impact the brand’s supply chain, it will also change the entire denim industry. Indigood is Wrangler’s promise to discover and implement into its supply chain, the most sustainable ways for dyeing denim.

Words by Alice Ierace

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