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by Alex Brzezicka

Oli Sykes’ fashion brand invites us to Topheth, a futuristic asylum rising on nightmares and dreams of our generation.

Since its early days, Drop Dead would always dream up alternative dimensions for us to immerse in, from the mystery Wiccan settings, and supernatural school gangs to Jurrasic Park realness. Coming from the music scene and subcultures world, with a relentless drive to exceed anyone’s expectations, Drop Dead ascended beyond a clothing brand. It’s an open-minded community of boundary-pushing creatives who dare to experiment with style, neverminding what the masses think. Just like us, pushing boundaries of the ordinary on every occasion possible.

For anyone who wants to break through the mundane, Drop Dead delivers a new SS22 collection, ANGELSLAYERS. They welcome us to a fictional land of Topheth, an institute bred on childhood nightmares and mature existential voids, created to find a cure for self-loathe and traumas. A heavenly concept quickly turned hellish: to develop medicine a skilled technician under the enigmatic cult’s supervision experiments on human subjects. The cost of the cure is soul.

“The Institute houses other abducted children hand-picked from birth for their psychic powers and forced to become part of a process that leads inexorably to the decay and eventual death of their human selves,” says Oli Sykes, the brains behind the oppositions’ operations. The story unravels with shady operatives called Adults who created angels, creatures manipulated into the destruction of the very people who try to change the world for the better.

“Most people don’t realise that lurking behind their screens and phones is a giant laboratory of psychologists, neuroscientists, and social science experts who use their knowledge of psychological vulnerabilities to devise products that hijack their minds, hooking them with a drug-like power, for the purpose of profit or brainwashing,” Oli continues. Drop Dead translates a metaphor of that process into the collection, warning us to not believe the superiors’ value systems.

In this often cold-hearted society, Drop Dead suggest an alternative solution. They want to promote a feeling of unity and healthy obsessions. The brand believes that with enough willpower breaking from those endless cycles is possible. The SS22 gender-neutral collection is here to equip us with clothes illuminating confidence and strange magic to undo evil charms. From the inside-out mesh top, adjustable bad-ass jumpsuit, bandaged-up Akira-inspired red denim garment and a series of t-shirts featuring gorgeously gory graphics, Drop Dead really delivers. After the days of slaying, we can enjoy the alternative-style summer in their swimsuit and bucket hat with little horns. Cute. We can fully relax knowing that Drop Dead is an ethically and environmentally conscious brand, never using any animal products. In this collection, they went a step further introducing a bag made out of a leather-like material called ‘MYLO’.

Drop Dead ANGELSLAYERS offers us a different route to salvation. Their revolution might look dazzling-dramatic but taken apart, its ingredients are simple: an eco-conscious attitude toward the polluted industry, relearning the old, tired patterns and introducing cut-edging designs. This summer, Drop Dead gives us a chance to escape the everyday asylum into a world of pure and free expression. We’ll stay here for a while.

Check out the collection online here now…

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