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Take a sneak peek into TOMORROW X TOGETHER, by tmrw, curated together: our new ultimate ode to K-Pop's most mesmerising group.

Welcome to an exclusive first look at our new bespoke zine, a book of magic dedicated to K-Pop’s very own TOMORROW X TOGETHER. Packed with 90+ images, with an entire second look exclusive to print) and a group interview, there’s over 100 pages of brand spanking new content with all five members: Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun and HueningKai.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER are the K-Pop kings of today. Thanks to their bold genre-hopping and cool, forward-thinking fashion sense, they’ve firmly established themselves as fourth-gen royalty, hypnotizing legions of listeners with their open-book, real-talk storytelling.

“We are always telling our own story through our music but I also believe that in our albums, we address stories that many people who are living in this generation can relate with” the group’s 21-year-old leader Soobin explains.

Calm and collected Taehyun goes on, “I think we are very blessed to be able to exchange our honest thoughts and emotions with so many passionate people around the world,” he tells us. “[The group is] a mutual exchange of energy and strength”, he continues, cool as ever. “We are each other’s sturdy pillars of support and source of much joy.” If only he knew the joy he gave us.

Shop our new bespoke issue with TOMORROW X TOGETHER below now to read the rest of the five-member interview and check out the unseen photoshoot. 

Soobin’s Jacket, Shirts, Pants, Stud Rings / GIVENCHY / Shoes / LOEWE //  Yeonjun’s Jacket, Tank top, Denim Pants, Shoes and Stud rings / GIVENCHY // Beomgyu’s Jacket, Vest, Shirts, Knit Pants, Rings / GIVENCHY // Taehyun’s Light Parka Zip-up, Sweater, Knit Pants, Rings / GIVENCHY // Hueningkai / Jacket, Shirts, Pants, Stud Rubber Slide and Stud Rings / GIVENCHY

Words by HQ / Managing Direction by Joe Brine / Photography by Jdz Chung / Styling by Kyungmin Kim / Makeup by Han Areum / Hair by Kim Seungwon / Interview by Rhian Daly / HYBE Global Communications by Yujin Yang, Judy Jang, Yunjoo Park, Jieun Lee / Visual Creative by Hyunju Lee / Artist Management by Kim Dae Young, Kim Ji Soo, Shin Seung Chan

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