the journey of Maja Francis… so far

Tanyel Gumushan /
Nov 21, 2017 / Music

Winter may have struck in all of its icy glory, but Maja Francis is here to be ‘Saved By The Summer’.

As an electro-pop anthem, there’s a cutesy tint that rubs off in the best possible way. Treading a neon path whilst wearing her heart on her sleeve, it’s a glorious display of soaring harmonies and a vocal that quite simply, glimmers. You’ll be basking in the warmth of a forgotten few months, carefree once more.

From her dad’s record store to heartbreak to featuring on Kygo’s hit single, ‘Kids In Love’, this is the journey of Maja Francis, so far.

the journey of Maja Francis... so far

Lilldala – Ängelholm – 1993

“This is where it all started… In my parents colourful little house “Lill Dala” in a small village by the ocean in the very south of Sweden. I remember sitting by the piano all the time singing, playing the piano and writing songs. Singing made me feel so free… It still does.”

the journey of Maja Francis... so far

the journey of Maja Francis... so far

My dad and his record store, Änglavax – Ängelholm

“This is such a big part of my childhood and musical journey. Dad taught me how to sing harmonies, took me to TOTO concerts and introduced me to Eagles, Chicago and other west coast rock bands, and The Beatles of course. But I was more into the ladies. I loved to sit in my dad’s store listening to Mariah Carey’s Music Box and run around the store looking at all the record covers. One of my first favourite covers was Björk Post album, it was so colourful and she looked so strong and playful.”

the journey of Maja Francis... so far

Mega Musik School – Helsingborg – 2001-2004

“I went to an amazing school from when I was about 15-18. It was like a pop rock upper secondary music school. I met so many amazing friends and also I got to know myself and my voice. We rehearsed three times a week at least and at the end of the month we had a concert. During this time of my life in love with indie pop and singer songwriters: Cat Power, Joni Mitchell, Tori Amos, Portishead, The Cranberries, Kate Bush etc.”

the journey of Maja Francis... so far

In someone’s bathtub – Stockholm – 2010

“I had been playing shows in Stockholm for years with only my piano and tonnes of fake flower decorations. I asked every single coffee shop and club if I could play there and I tried over and over. Eventually they said yes. I sold glitter-painted demos after the shows that I had recorded in my apartment, that was my only income besides working coffee shops and stores. Somewhere in between day jobs and shows and after I met amazing female artists and a manager who in different ways helped me to record and release my first EP – The Darling EP.”

the journey of Maja Francis... so far

Nashville – USA – Someone’s apartment- 2009

“I met an American musician, Loren Francis, online (Myspace) we started recording music over email and one day I booked a trip overseas to do some shows and meet IRL. We ended up living in a camper, getting married and recording an EP under the name, Dear Companion. It was such an intense and fun time. It broke my heart in many ways when it ended, but I’m so thankful for it. I found new layers of myself and I was forced into looking at every part of myself, learning to love even the ”ugly” ones.”

the journey of Maja Francis... so far

ELLE magazine – Sweden – 2015

“After the breakup, I decided to go all in and put all my energy in myself and my music. Me, my dear friend Veronica Maggio, Petter Winnberg and David Axelsson created my world of tears, fantasy and space. I released my first single ‘Last Days Of Dancing’ in March 2015 followed by an EP early spring 2016.”

the journey of Maja Francis... so far

Udaipur – India – March 2015

“I had the opportunity to go to India and shoot my very first music video for my song ‘Last Days Of Dancing’. It was as if I was daydreaming 24/7. I was up at 3 AM every morning watching the sun rise… and stayed up to watch it set.”

the journey of Maja Francis... so far

Way Out West Festival – Gothenburg – August 2015

“Summer of 2015 I played all around Sweden on different festivals and outdoor venues. One of my best memories is from Way Out West festival where my dear friend Veronica Maggio came up a secret guest on our duet song ‘Space Invades My Mind’.”

the journey of Maja Francis... so far

Globen Arena, Stockholm, September 2015

“Ever since I was a little girl I have dreamt about singing in Globen Arena. My friend and amazing singer Seinabo Sey asked me and another favourite voice of mine – Amanda Bergman- to sing my song ‘Last Days Of Dancing’ with her on live TV. This aim of the gala was to collect money for refugees coming to Sweden. I have never been so nervous but it was one of the most magical nights of my music life so far…”

the journey of Maja Francis... so far

The Royal Dramatic Theatre – Stockholm – March 2017

“My friends Klara & Johanna (First Aid Kit) invited me to be a part of a beautiful tribute to Leonard Cohen. It was unreal being in this old theatre, singing with amazing artists and actors.”

the journey of Maja Francis... so far

Brooklyn – NY – 2017

“I found my dream director and photographer Hana Haley on Instagram, contacted her over email and a few months later I found myself in her apartment eating cake, drinking cheap bubbly wine, having a crying glitter party on her floor… It became a video and some amazing pictures from a closed Coney Island scenery. I felt like a 90s movie star.”

the journey of Maja Francis... so far

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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