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We Are The FutureSamuel Jack’s soulful narration of the world we live in

by Malvika Padin

London-born singer Samuel Jack urges the new generation to take control of the situations, circumstances and the world we live in, to help change it for the better.

Having gained acclaim for his ability to weave his personal experiences into unique, emotive music, Samuel Jack returns with new track ‘We Are The Future.’ which combines his soulful vocals and his love for hip-hop and poetry to craft an impactful story.

Set to be the official track for a new Levi’s campaign, the impassioned single narrates the story of the world we are currently living in and demands the need for change as it explores political dispositions, global issues and the images of those in power.

On the one hand, the track aims to give back control to the new generation – to those who can actually make a change – for the better. On the other hand, ‘We Are The Future’ and his previous single ‘In My Head’ written from his own struggles with stress, depression and anxiety have become a public diary of sorts for Jack as he not only speaks out for the first time about his own mental health but also hopes to comfort others who are maybe struggling themselves.
Raised on Blues, Motown, soul and roots music, the rising star who spent formative years in Johannesburg with his film director father, oozes a powerful and raw talent which he has been using brilliant to connect with audiences across the globe.

Making music that’s candid, relatable and compelling, Samuel Jack’s career has found him performing at some of the world’s biggest festivals, landing multiple TV placements on shows such as Shameless and Nashville etc. but most importantly he has managed to remind people that everyone is in this world together and that we can get through life together.

Things are set only to get better, as Jack continues the next chapter of his fascinating journey; inspiring people with his music, messages and much more.


Follow Jack on Instagram here.

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