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by Jade Thompson

“Umi: My hope is to share who Travis Japan is with people all over the world, not just through a screen, but live and in person.”

Travis Japan are no strangers to the spotlight. The seven-member boy band has over 10+ years of experience, having already won the hearts of many while honing their skills at home in Japan — now with their debut album on the way, they’re set to take on the world.

The group had their global debut in October 2022 with “JUST DANCE!,” a catchy and up-beat song whose infectiousness is only matched by their 2023 releases: “Candy Kiss” and “Moving Pieces.” All three songs landed in the top five of the Billboard Japan Hot 100, helping to cement their new direction as a group while also teasing fans on what to expect for their new album: Road to A.

With just weeks to go until they step into their new era, we caught up with Kaito Miyachika (Chaka), Kaito Nakamura (Umi), Ryuya Shimekake (Shime), Noel Kawashima (Noel), Shizuya Yoshizawa (Shizu), Genta Matsuda (G) and Kaito Matsukura (Machu) to talk about their journey so far, weird talents and the future of Travis Japan.

Read on to get a sneak peak of what’s to come and keep an eye out for the full interview in the January issue of the magazine.

How would you introduce yourselves and sound to someone who is new to Travis Japan?
Travis Japan is a seven-member boy band that loves to dance and sing. We started over 10 years ago when we were selected by the owner of our agency together with world-renowned choreographer Travis Payne, which is where the ‘Travis’ part of our name comes from. We’ve gone through a few changes, but as this member line-up, we’ve been working together for the last six years. We’re a group known for our dancing, so we have a lot of songs you can dance to, but also a few ballads.

What was the inspiration and what feelings/emotions do you hope to provoke with this new album, Road to A?

Machu: Since it is our first album, I think it is filled with songs that authentically show who Travis Japan is at our core. We want to master various genres, and so there is a wide range of tracks on the album. I hope there’s something for everyone to enjoy and experience the breadth of what Travis Japan has to offer.

Your fans have been on quite a long journey with you so far. Do you have any messages for your supporters?

G: We want to thank all of our fans, both those who have supported us since we were Juniors and those who are new to Travis Japan. One of our goals is to eventually meet our fans all over the world, so please continue to support and cheer us on! You’re all a part of what makes Travis Japan so special, and we hope to continue to grow for you.

Travis Japan’s 1st album, Road to A, will be released on 20 December 2023.
Check out their pre-release single “LEVEL UP,” available now.

Talent @travis_japan_official
Production @thenuegroup
Photographer @angelokritikos
Styling @apartment403
Hair: Jun, Sho
Makeup: Miyabi Goto

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