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by Tori Sharp

Yxngxr1 wants to remember 2020 as the year of making music.

Get ready for the new generation. Yxngxr1 makes up part of a talented new crop of producers who are creating the music that they want to listen to. He started with just messing around on GarageBand and from there “it all spiralled, as people started to like the songs (he) was making.” 

He has been called a product of the Internet generation, which could sound like a negative boomer judgement, but I think that it speaks volumes about the drive and dedication that young artists have. Yxngxr1 wants to drop 5 EPs this year, as well as wanting to become TikTok famous, a task much easier said than done. The proclivity for Internet stardom makes me feel very aged (I’m 22) and unwise, but Yxngxr1 clearly has a game plan. As much as we can deny it, TikTok soundtracks quickly find their way into mainstream music channels, and his tracks have nearly 50k videos on the Gen-Z platform. 

The new EP Yellow Yellow Yellow is made up of 8 tracks, and is inspired by anything and everything, “clothes, going abroad, breakups, things that have happened during the week.” The constant charge of content that fills the Internet today means that being able to create music from the mundanity of everyday life puts Yxngxr1 in good stead. He destroys the ennui of the popular culture of music today by creating what he wants when he wants. With music as unique as his name, he is definitely creating a new space that people want to be a part of.

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